Building a Thriving Community by Uniting People, Ideas and Resources.

We are Uniting for an Educated, Thriving and Equitable Community.

United Way of Tucson responds to our community's needs, transforms lives and brings long-lasting systemic change to our community by focusing on the underlying issues.

We fight for education, financial wellness, equality and healthy communities for every person in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Our role as community convener enables us to serve more than 175,000 people each year by forming strategic partnerships, mobilizing the best resources and being the catalyst for needed, positive change.

Improve educational and life outcomes for children, youth and young adults by advancing equity and excellence in education.

Improve the equity of employment and financial wellness outcomes of adults and families for life-long well-being.

Provide equitable access through education and resources to improve the quality of living and dying for older people and their families.