Cradle to Career

The Cradle to Career Partnership (C2C) is about equitable improvement in educational and life outcomes for the more than a quarter-million young people living in Pima County, Arizona. Eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in key milestones across the birth to career continuum is our focus. The partnership holds itself accountable to its mission by tracking key measures for each of these milestones starting from kindergarten readiness all the way through career attainment.  To achieve its mission of preparing every child in Pima Count for school and life, C2C does the following:

  • Articulates the major educational challenges facing the county and tracks the progress being made to address those challenges by gathering, analyzing, and communicating relevant data and findings
  • Encourages and facilitates networks of practitioners, systems leaders, youth, and parents which are designed to address those educational challenges
  • Identifies effective practices to spread what’s working and
  • Develops prototype models that test and refine strategies for removing barriers to high educational aspiration and achievement
  • Mobilizes resources and people to scale effective strategies and advocate for equitable policy change



The Partnership is founded on the premise that education is a lifelong experience beginning at birth, continuing through educational success, and resulting in the attainment of a meaningful career. We believe every child has the right to work and experience success across that continuum.


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