Cradle to Career

The Cradle to Career Partnership (C2C) is about setting higher expectations in order to improve educational and life outcomes for the over a quarter-million young people living in Pima County, Arizona. Our mission is to support the preparation of every child in the greater Tucson area for success in school and life, ensuring the economic vitality of our community.

We bring together resources, courageous leadership and innovation from throughout the community to help students improve in key benchmarks along their pathway to adulthood. Through focused, data-driven action, we aggregate, connect and communicate best practices in education for the school systems and students of Pima County.

The Cradle to Career Partnership tracks key outcomes that indicate success, aligns resources to support best practices that work for students, teachers and schools, and stays focused on our objective of continuously improving outcomes for our area’s students.


The Partnership is founded on the premise that education is a lifelong experience beginning at birth, continuing through educational success, and resulting in the attainment of a meaningful career. We believe every child has the right to work and experience success across that continuum. A cradle-to-career commitment requires intentional efforts to eliminate disparities that might inhibit a student from achieving his or her potential.


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