Tucson Electric Power

Partnership With United Way

Tucson Electric Power annually ranks among the top 10 companies that contribute to United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, showing its strong commitment to annual giving campaigns that began in the early 1980's. “Tucson Electric Power is a pillar of support for United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona. Its employees are engaged in our organization at every level,” said Tony Penn, President and CEO of United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona. “From a committed employee giving campaign to leadership involvement, we are a stronger organization because of TEP’s generosity and commitment in the fight against poverty.”


Donating online is an easy and efficient way to give back to your community without the waste of paper.


Donate Now with Credit Card

Credit Card donations will be processed immediately. If you'd like to schedule your donation through Payroll deductions in 2018, please use the paper pledge form.



Collective Impact Fund

Collective Impact funds are used where the need is greatest, in a way that’s most useful. Your investment in these funds support our three target areas:

  • Education Help children and young adults reach their full potential
  • Financial Stability Help families reach financial independence
  • Healthy Communities Help improve the health and well-being of all

You can choose to give to the Collective Impact Fund or direct your support to one of our target areas. Click here to learn more about the organizations supported by the Collective Impact Fund.

Helping The Working Poor Fund

United Way's Helping the Working Poor Fund provides job-skill training, affordable childcare, educational opportunities, emergency services and more to the working poor in our community. When you invest in United Way's Helping the Working Poor Fund, 100% of your donation is used to support the following organizations:

  • Catholic Community Services—Pio Decimo Center, Child & Family Resources, Direct Center for Independence, Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona, Interfaith Community Services, Literacy Connects, Lutheran Social Services, Make Way for Books, Our Family Services, Pima Council on Aging, YWCA Southern Arizona

Helping The Working Poor Tax Credit

Your donation may qualify for the Charitable Tax Credit on your Arizona state income tax return. You could receive an Arizona tax credit of up to $400 if filing a single tax return or $800 if filing a joint tax return (consult your tax professional). United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona qualifies as an umbrella organization under Arizona revised statutes.