ELDER Alliance

ELDER Alliance is committed to older people staying healthy longer, remaining active and involved, and maintaining maximum independence.

The ELDER Alliance is a broad collaboration of non-profit organizations, businesses, government agencies, community partners, and age 50+ residents. Since 2010 our dedicated ELDER Alliance action teams have worked to establish a strong support system for the rapidly growing aging population. The Alliance now has a membership of more than 130 individuals with affiliations in more than 70 organizations and active community volunteers. The Alliance is staffed by United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona and Pima Council on Aging.


Older adults thrive, enjoy quality of life and play an active role in shaping livable communities for all ages in Pima County.


Guided by the voices of elders, we advocate and design solutions that improve the quality of life for all.


The purpose of the Leadership Council is to help the ELDER Alliance design a new vision for growing old in Tucson and to set priorities and strategies for action by the ELDER Alliance and the community.  ELDER Alliance strategy is guided by an experienced committee with specialized backgrounds in issues facing older adults, local resources, collective impact, evaluation, and more.  

Meet our Community Champions and Core Team

Action Teams 

The ELDER Alliance oversees eight action teams who focus on responding to the evolving interests of older adults and carrying out activities in our communities. To learn more about an action team or how to get involved, email [email protected] or call (520) 903-3924. 


Age-Friendly Communities

  Behavioral Health and Aging Council (BHAC)


  Direct Care Workforce

  End of Life Care Partnership


  Mature Workforce


  Voices Connectors


ELDER Alliance Members

More than 70 local organizations actively contribute to the strength of the ELDER Alliance. Each member agency provides essential services to older adults across Southern Arizona, from advocacy and health care to education and housing. 

Learn more about these agencies: ELDER Alliance Members



The ELDER Alliance extends its sincere gratitude to the investors who make our work possible.

Community Foundation of
Southern Arizona
The Lovell Foundation Freeport MoMcRan
United Way of Tucson and
Southern Arizona
Pima Council on Aging ELDER Alliance


Dementia Resources


More Information 

For other questions, please contact ELDER Alliance via email at [email protected] or call (520) 903-3924.