Improve the quality of life for older people in Tucson and Southern Arizona, from retirement to end of life.


The ELDER Alliance

United Way’s ELDER Alliance is a broad collaboration of non-profit organizations, businesses, government agencies, community partners and age 50+ residents. Through its dedicated action teams, the ELDER Alliance has established a strong system to support the rapidly growing older adult population, allowing older people to stay healthy longer, remain active and involved, and maintain maximum independence.

Arizona End of Life Care Partnership

The Arizona End of Life Care Partnership (EOLCP) is a collaborative partnership, anchored at United Way, dedicated to creating a comprehensive network of end of life care support and resources in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Since its formation in 2017, the EOLCP is becoming a national model and is now one of the largest funded partnerships of its kind in the U.S. The EOLCP has evolved into a network of organizations and individuals committed to promoting quality of life at every stage through education, support, sound policy and choices, ensuring that Tucson is a great place to live and end well. Learn more at and click here to view  a video. 


UWTSA provides Affordable Care Act Navigation services to those who need them so every Southern Arizonan can have access to quality, affordable health insurance.  Contact us if you would like help or to learn more from the statewide alliance we are a part of.


2018 Partnership & Program Successes