Improve quality of living and dying for older people.


The ELDER Alliance

ELDER Alliance's mission is to ensure that more older adults stay healthy, active and independent in our community due to the efforts of your local United Way and its members.

Arizona End of Life Care Partnership

EOLCP is a network of organizations and individuals committed to ensuring quality of life at every stage through education, support, sound policy and choices.


UWTSA provides Affordable Care Act Navigation services to those who need them so every Southern Arizonan can have access to quality, affordable health insurance.  Contact us if you would like help or to learn more from the statewide alliance we are a part of.


UWTSA works with home visitors, parent educators, childcare centers and homes throughout Pima County and the San Carlos Indian Reservation to decrease obesity among young children.  We work with partners such as Quality First!EMPOWER Standards and Let’s Move Child Care.