Creating an account:

1) Go to www.azleg.gov

2) Select “Request to Speak” from the left hand column

3) Select “Sign On” from the upper right hand corner

4) Select “Create an Account” and follow prompts, it is not necessary to provide your voter registration information and when asked you are representing yourself.

Signing in for/against legislation:

1) Follow steps 1-3 listed above and sign in

2) Select “New Request” from left hand column

3) In the “Search Phrase” box, enter the bill number you would like to sign in for.

a. Example: if the bill is “HB2001 insurance; requirements” enter “2001” into the search phrase box.

4) When your bill comes up below, select “Add Request”. More than one “Add Request” button may be available, this indicates the bill has been assigned to multiple committees, to sign in for both committees (recommended) you will have to return to this page and complete the steps listed below.

5) Q: “Who are you representing?” A: “Self”

6) Q: “Your position on the item” A: For, neutral or against, as it pertains to your stance on the issue.

7) Q: “Do you wish to speak?” A: “No”*

 If you sign in “Yes” or “If Necessary” to speak on an issue be prepared for committee questioning that is locally televised and archived. Always consult with your government affairs representatives or authorized lobbyists!

 If you do sign in to speak, unless instructed to by your government affairs representatives or authorized lobbyist, you do so as a citizen/constituent and NOT on behalf of the organization you are a member of.



By signing in you are actively participating the legislative process!

Committee members will see your support/opposition and utilize it as a consideration when voting upon the issue!