Days of Caring Mural Project

La Suprema Mural Project

Fall 2019

In collaboration with TENWEST Impact Festival, United Way’s Days of Caring, SAACA and La Suprema Works


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What: Community Mural Project on the wall of La Suprema Works to celebrate the 20th anniversary of United Way’s Days of Caring and with the support of the TENWEST Impact Festival, Startup Tucson Community and SAACA

Where: La Suprema, 319 W Simpson Street, Tucson, AZ 85701

When: Approximately 6 to 8 days starting around October 20 through United Way’s Days of Caring 2019 on Friday October 25 and Saturday October 26, 2019 (community paint days) with additional prep work.

Scope of work would be approximately 6 to 8 days onsite for the muralist:

Day 1 and 2: Professional Artist Central Mural creation

Day 3: Outlining and Prepping for Community Paint Days

Day 4 and 5: Community Paint Days

Day 6: Touch Ups of Community Painting.

Mural Concept:

  • Something that celebrates United Way’s Days of Caring 20th Anniversary and includes the classic white “LIVE UNITED” t-shirt or lettering. This could be a central portrait (see sample images below) or something else inspired by the artists themselves and the theme of working together to build a better community. Portrait or central component could be painted ahead of time by muralist specializing in these types of works.
  • Days of Caring project should complement this base mural and be more of a “paint-by-number” style piece so the community can volunteer to help finish the mural.
  • La Suprema (the site of the mural) will be a new co-working space in Barrio Viejo. The space itself has a long history, as does the neighborhood so these items can be taken into account for design. The design should celebrate Tucson and our diversity as a community.
  • Work could be done by one artist or a collaboration of artists that can help facilitate the “designed” portion of the mural and the “paint by number” part.
  • Somewhere on the mural the artists signature and “Mural made possible by (project sponsors) should be included.
  • Onsite Event and Liability Insurance will be covered by La Suprema or United Way’s Days of Caring


Size Specifications:

The mural space on the wall is about 12' tall and 46’ wide. It’s not exactly a rectangle: the top of the building has steps in it, and the grade at the base of the wall slopes a great deal (refer to the picture below). The wall is a newly applied, traditional method adobe plaster. Paint should take this surface into account. 


Artist Fee: $4,000-$6,000

Supplies: $1,000-$2,000 (Wall is natural adobe, traditional dye-based paint required)

TOTAL: $6,000-$10,000

Event Insurance is provided by United Way Days of Caring. Approved budget will be all-inclusive and must cover all expenses associated with the concept, implementation, and post-implementation of the commissioned mural project, including design development, production and execution, as well as any required presentations, approvals, and/or sundries. There are no city permits required as this is on private property. This project is funded through the United Way's Days of Caring.


  • August 9 Call to Artist RFQ published
  • August 23 RFQ closes
  • August 27 Finalists notified to develop a site specific design for an honorarium
  • September 6 Final Artist or Team selected
  • October 20 - 27 Mural Painting

How to Submit
All Applications must be submitted via online application through SAACA webpage to include: Click here for application

  • ARTIST CONTACT INFORMATION Include name, business name (if applicable), physical address, mailing address, telephone and email. Teams must identify one artist to be projects primary contact, as well as contact information for all artists on the team. 
  • A STATEMENT OF INTEREST (1-page max if submitted via PDF or DOC format) in creating public art. Successful applicants may include a sample proposal of artwork concept, accompanied by sketch imagery, photography and narrative description of proposed theme and artwork, but this is not required at the RFQ stage.  
  • RESUME or LIST OF COMMISSIONED OR COMPLETED WORKS (PDF or DOC format only, 4 pages max); artist, artist teams or arts organizations must submit a CV for each artist on the team. 

Artist Inquiries
Please direct questions and correspondence to:Matt Rolland, Director of Arts Integration - [email protected]; Phone (520) 797-3959 x 108

Project Webpages:

Partner Roles:

  • United Way and Days of Caring: Project patron and honoree. Platform to promote sign-ups for Days of Caring project
  • TENWEST Impact Festival and Startup Tucson: Sign-ups to be promoted through both communities and during the Festival itself
  • SAACA: Guidance and connections to the arts community and overall help with the mural process
  • La Suprema/Barrio & Co: Location of Mural and founders of new co-working space

About Days of Caring and United Way:

Days of Caring: Days of Caring is a 2-day volunteer event where thousands of community volunteers sign up to complete projects for local non-profits, schools, gardens, long-term care facilities, public spaces and more.

United Way Mission: The mission of United Way of Tucson is to build a thriving community by uniting people, ideas and resources. One of our taglines and signature messages is LIVE UNITED. This really speaks to our model of collective impact and the notion that when we work together, we can accomplish more than any single entity can alone.

About the Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance (SAACA)
The Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance (SAACA) is a not-for-profit organization that exists to ensure that, through engagement in arts and culture, our communities produce strong, inspired citizens. SAACA enlists artists, businesses, governments, and individuals to expand artistic and cultural opportunities in their respective communities. To enhance access to the arts and to promote cultural awareness in the communities it serves, SAACA presents large-scale festivals, events and other programs. The Alliance also promotes educational opportunities in the arts and culture for all ages.  For more information about programs and events produced by the Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance please visit

Southern Arizona is brimming with creative thinkers uniquely suited to tackle the grand challenges facing our community and the planet. But siloes have created barriers between those with the big ideas and those who desire to help put those ideas into action. TENWEST grew out of the need to break down those barriers and put our region’s great strengths to work in making a substantial and lasting impact. TENWEST Impact Festival helps the curious and the impassioned solve the great economic, social, cultural and environmental challenges facing our communities. Through ten days of exhibitions, talks, and interactive experiences, national experts and local heroes will inspire the ideas and facilitate the connections that will empower us to act. TENWEST 2019 occurs October 11-20 -- more info at


The anticipated mural location:



Sample LIVE UNITED Portraits: