Krista and Thomas's Story

"A year ago at this time we were placed into a motel. We had gotten taken out of our home due to a large amount of bills we were not able to pay. I had become ill and was not able to help with going to work. We were living week-to-week on one income. And we didn't have anywhere to go.

The principal at Laguna Elementary heard about our story and asked my husband if she could help in any way. That's when Our Family Services and United Way came into our lives. A case worker advocated on our behalf and helped speak for us as a lot of places would not accept us based on the prior eviction.

They got us into a new apartment complex, and ever since then, with the help of the community's resources, we've been able to grow in stability. With a stable home and job, we've been able to provide stability for our kids in school. My health has gotten better, and I am well enough to go back to work and help the family to prosper."

"You could tell the instability in our lives was impacting our kids. We were stuck in a situation away from their school and friends, and they were getting depressed and further behind in classes.

But a change started with the new school noticing that our family needed help. They told us they knew of resources in the community and put us in touch with Our Family Services via United Way. From assistance with bus fare passes, hygiene needs, food boxes, and clothing, we were able to get back on track and have an apartment for the kids to come home to.

The community coming together to support us has been great. Everyone is still there for us, but we know it's up to us to keep it.

- Krista and Thomas, parents of three