Parents, Advocates, and Leaders

United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona is able to offer our Parents, Advocates, and Leaders (P.A.L.s) parenting classes to those with children 0-5 years of age thanks to support provided by a grant from First Things First. 

A Sahuarita mom has been attending one of our weekly classes with her son in an effort to gain new skills around appropriate discipline techniques. Read her story below:

“My purpose for attending these classes was to learn ways to control my child’s behavior and to develop different discipline techniques. Being a stay at home Mom made saying “no” difficult for me because I wanted to do what made my son the happiest. I learned that by doing that, I was not setting boundaries and he started acting out by throwing tantrums, hitting, and yelling in public and at home. I was embarrassed to take him to the grocery store or even classes such as these.

Every time I discipline my son I feel guilty but PALS taught me about boundary based discipline which focuses on setting limits and making rules up front and if broken, there will be consequences.

Michelle and Joey also encouraged me to take care of myself because stress can be toxic and interfere with my parenting. I went to see a counselor and found that I have ADD and am now on medication which has improved my life drastically.”

 Being a parent has many responsibilities not only to your child, but also to yourself. If you are not at your best, you will not give your best. This parent not only sought advice on how to better care for her child, thanks to information provided during these classes, she also sought assistance on how to better care for herself. As she says, this has improved her life drastically!