Links for VITA Volunteers

Thank you for being a VITA volunteer! Whether you're preparing for your first year, or a VITA veteran looking to find the taxable portion of a client's annuity payments, we have the resources you'll need. If you look through these resources and still have questions, reach out to Rachel Cheeseman.


For VITA Volunteers in the Field

BRAND NEW: IRS Publication 5307 – an explanation of the latest round of tax reform legislation and its impacts on individuals and families.

Dependent Qualification Calculator – helps determine whether an individual can be claimed as a dependent, as well as the credits for which they may qualify.

Education Credit Calculator – helps determine whether an individual is eligible for an Education Credit, and which credit would be most beneficial.

CBPP ACA Affordability Exemption Calculator (NEW & RECOMMENDED) - helps determine whether an individual, or family, is eligible for a Code “A” exemption. Much easier to read and navigate than AARP version.

AARP ACA Affordability Exemption Calculator – helps determine whether an individual, or family, is eligible for a Code “A” exemption. 

Pension & Annuity Calculator – helps determine exclusions.

Affordable Healthcare Enrollment assistance - United Way assisters are available to help taxpayers explore their options and enroll in healthcare coverage. Use the link to help the taxpayer schedule an appointment.

IRS Publication 17 – general rules for filing income tax returns.

Arizona Tax Guide (FULL VERSION) - information on state-related tax items, including credits for property tax paid and charitable giving.

Qualifying Charitable Organizations for AZ Tax Credit – a list of all qualifying charitable organizations in Arizona.

Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations for AZ Tax Credit – a list of all qualifying foster care charitable organizations in Arizona.

Property Locator - used to find the property ID needed for AZ PTC for an owned home.

Site Coordinator Handbook for Site Coordinators 


For Self-Guided Training Online

IRS Publication 4012 – the primary on-site consultation guide for VITA volunteers; includes interview tips, decision trees, instructions for data entry in TaxSlayer and more

TaxSlayer Practice Lab – useful for practice in preparing sample returns and inputting data from various tax forms; for login instructions, contact Rachel Cheeseman.

Link & Learn Online Training – IRS-provided learning modules covering various topics related to tax law and return preparation

Online Training from United Way of King County – interactive online training modules for certification test prep

IRS Publication 4491 – IRS-provided textbook for learning tax law and the basics of return preparation

IRS Publication 4491-W – IRS-provided workbook with full intake sheets, documents and interview notes of fictional taxpayer situations; returns may be prepared with this content in the TaxSlayer practice lab, but results will not necessarily match the answer key due to changes in the tax code year to year


For Review of In-Class Training
Feel free to re-visit or consult the slide decks from in-class trainings, or see the content of other trainings to better understand the roles filled by other volunteers.

Greeter/Interview Specialist Training

First-Time Tax Preparer Training, courtesy of Larry Davis

VITA Returning Volunteer Tax Preparer Training

Quality Reviewer Training

Site Coordinator Training